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Configuring Serv-U Events  -  KB Article #1783

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Serv-U Events

Serv-U supports custom event handling, allowing administrators to receive up-to-date information about the state of their file server in real-time. By licensing Serv-U MFT Server and activating this functionality it is possible to configure various types of triggers to active various actions within Serv-U. To add an Event in the Serv-U File server, open the Domain Details | Events menu (or Server Details | Events) and click on the "Add" Button in the lower left of the window. Serv-U supports Email Events, Balloon Tip Events and Execute Command Events.

Event Actions

Send Email Actions

Serv-U can be configured to send an email to an administrator or manager when a configured event is triggered. Email actions contain an "Email To" to configure which email address to send to, an "Email Subject" for configuring the subject line of the email, and an "Email Body" parameter that can be used to enter in a short message in the body of the email.

Balloon Tip Actions

Balloon tip actions can be configured to show a balloon tip in the system tray when an event is triggered. Balloon tip actions contain a Balloon Title and Balloon Message.

Execute Command Action

Execute command actions can be configured to execute a command on a file when an event is triggered. Execute command actions contain an "Executable Path" and "Command Line Parameters" parameter.

Creating Common Events

Serv-U allows administrators to automatically create a list of the most common events to save the time of creating each event manually. To do so, click "Create Common Events", then select the "Send Email" or "Balloon Tip" actions and enter information as requested.

SMTP Configuration

This windows allows for the configuration of a mail server.

  • SMTP Server - the name or IP address of the SMTP server.
  • SMTP Server Port - enter the port number the SMTP server is using.
  • From email address - the email address to use for the outgoing email.
  • My server requires authentication - to enable authentication check this box.

If the SMTP server requires authentication the following information must be entered.

  • Account Name - the account name associated with authentication for the SMTP server.
  • Password - the password for the account.

For a full list of Serv-U Events and how each Event functions, see KB Article #2056.