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Duplicate Session Cookies Cause FTP Voyager JV Error  -  KB Article #1784

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FTP Voyager JV relies on web browser "cookies" to save certain information about its connection information. A cookie is a small file saved by a browser (like Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, or Interent Explorer) that allows web sites or services to operate properly with end users.

In the case of FTP Voyager JV, cookies are used to save information about the person using the program while they are connected which then expire and cannot be used again once that person logs off. This secures the server against unauthorized access.

The two most common browsers on the Mac are Firefox and Safari. As discovered during routine testing, these two browsers have their own separate lists of cookies. However, the Java Runtime Environment on the Mac is aware of both cookie locations and will not necessarily check the correct one. It may check the Firefox cookie cache instead of the Safari cache when the user is connecting with Safari, causing it to reject the connection which is using the incorrect "expired" cookie. This will only occur if the user first connects from Safari and then from Firefox, or vice versa.

This can be resolved by clearing the cookie cache from both browsers using the directions at KB Article #1760.