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Using FTP Voyager JV  -  KB Article #1785

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FTP Voyager JV is the next-generation file transfer client for the Serv-U File Server. By licensing FTP Voyager JV, you provide all clients with access to a reliable robust transfer client with no configuration required regardless of operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX). FTP Voyager JV works just like our standalone FTP Voyager client with support for drag/drop transfers, resume, customizable transfer panes and multiple available styles. Below are directions for using FTP Voyager JV

Uploading/Downloading Files

FTP Voyager JV includes several methods of uploading/downloading files and folders. The easiest is to select the files/folders to transfer from the source (like the Local Pane) and drag them to the destination (like the Remote Pane). This will automatically queue and start the file transfers, which will be displayed in the Transfer Pane on the bottom of FTP Voyager JV. File transfers can also be started by selecting the files/folders, right clicking them and selecting "Upload" or "Download" or selecting the appropriate option from the "File" menu.

Deleting Files/Folders

Files and folders can be deleted in FTP Voyager by right-clicking them and selecting "Delete", or by using the "DEL" button on the keyboard or the "Delete" option in the "File" menu. Files deleted in the Local Pane are sent to the Recycle Bin. Files deleted in the Remote Pane are deleted permanently and are nonrecoverable, so use caution when deleting files.

Renaming Files/Folders

To rename a file or folder, select it and then either use F2 on the keyboard, right click and choose "Rename", or use the "Rename" option in the "File" menu.

Creating Directories

To create a directory, either right click and select "New Directory" or use the "New Directory" option in the "File" menu.

Special Features

FTP Voyager JV supports several special features which are detailed below:

Transfer Resume

FTP Voyager JV includes full transfer resume support - if you lose your connection or have to stop a transfer, uploading it again to the same destination will immediately prompt you to Resume the transfer.

Customizable Panes

FTP Voyager JV supports customizable panes - to change the layout, click on the tab of any portion of the window and drag it to the intended new location. New Local and Remote Panes can be opened from the "File" menu, and other pane-specific options are available from the "Window" menu.