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Saving Serv-U Event Information To Files   -  KB Article #1789

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Serv-U Events allow administrators to send emails, trigger balloon tips and run custom commands on events like upload, download, file, server start, login failure and more. In some cases it may be desirable to save this information to a file in order to review it later or feed into an existing log analysis engine. This can be done easily by way of the "Execute Command" event and the ECHO command. To do so, follow the directions below:

  1. In the "Executable Path" field, type C:\Windows\System32\CMD.exe (depending on your OS, you may need to substitute "WINNT" for "Windows")
  2. In the "Command Line Parameters" field, enter the text to write to the file using your text and any applicable Serv-U System Variables, starting with /C "ECHO and ending with another quotation mark, e.g.:
    /C "ECHO User $Name Has Logged In from $IP " >> C:\Logs\Serv-U-EventLog.txt
  3. The contents of C:\Logs\Serv-U-EventLog.txt appear as follows (see attached): User test Has Logged In (FTP) from (

NOTE: If only one event should be saved per file, use '>' instead of '>>' to write a new file on each event.