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Taskbar Pinning in Windows 7   -  KB Article #1798

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Windows 7, the version of Windows slated to replace Windows Vista, was released in 2009. It replaces the "Quick Launch" bar with a new-concept, known as the "Taskbar". The task bar unifies the original Windows Task Bar and Quick Launch bar into an easy-to-use application management interface. Within Windows, both shortcuts to applications and running applications are shown side-by-side. Currently running applications are highlighted in the Taskbar, and other frequently applications are shown alongside but not highlighted. Clicking an icon in the Taskbar will launch the application. This way it's easy to access running applications and start new ones without navigating the Start Menu, and there is no need to manage two areas as it was in previous versions of Windows.

To "pin" an application to the Taskbar so that it is always accessible, first launch the application so that it is visible in the Taskbar. The icon for the application will be displayed in the list of shortcuts and running applications. Then, right click on the icon and choose "Pin to taskbar". This will pin the application to the Taskbar so it's always accessible.