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Default ODBC Table Names  -  KB Article #1799

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When Serv-U was released, one of the major new features added was the ability to set up ODBC storage of users and groups automatically with no extra configuration required. Configuring the ODBC Data Source Name would set Serv-U up to automatically create the required tables/columns.

Two of the Table names, User and Group, are reserved keywords in Microsoft SQL Server. While this is not a problem when using ODBC due to the automatic use of ANSI Quoted Identifiers, users who write custom SQL scripts and Stored Procedures may run into problems if they do not use quotation marks to pad their table identifiers in their SQL actions.

To help mitigate this problem, Serv-U and above now use two new tables: SUUsers and SUGroups. Administrators who already have Serv-U databases set up using the old values will not need to make any changes - Serv-U will continue to operate as normal. Additionally adminitrators who have mapped their tables to custom names or views will also not need to make any changes. Administrators setting up new ODBC connections in Serv-U will automatically use the new table names, with no intervention required.

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