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Fedora Core "IcedTea" Plugin Causes Shortened Labels, Failed Startup  -  KB Article #1973

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Fedora Core and other Linux distributions are known to use an open-source version of the Java Runtime Environment known as "IcedTea" for the purpose of using only open-source code. IcedTea also provides a browser plugin, which is used by default in Firefox in these distributions. However, this plugin is known to cause problems with FTP Voyager JV ranging from improper user interface sizing to complete application failure because it does not perfectly duplicate the Java API published by Sun.

To correct this problem, the official Sun Java Runtime Environment must be installed. To install the official Sun JRE, navigate to and install the JRE using the official steps posted at the Sun site for Java, then start FTP Voyager JV using the new javaws binary provided by Sun's JRE.

Changing The Default Application In Firefox

After installing the official Sun version of the Java Runtime Environment, if the "javaws" application is still not listed as the default application for .jnlp files, the "Other" option to find your copy of the Sun JRE:

Changing The Default Application In Linux

The "Save Login" feature of FTP Voyager JV allows users to save a JNLP file to their desktop that will automatically open a connection to a pre-designated Serv-U server. If "Save Login" is used, it is also necessary to update the default application association in the Linux file system as well. This is done by right-clicking on the JNLP file, choosing Properties, then selecting the path to your Java JRE:

  • Right click the file and select "Properties"
  • Click "Add", then enter the path to your JRE

Labeling Issue Illustrated

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