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SQL Server Restarted/Failed, Serv-U ODBC Users Do Not Work  -  KB Article #2032

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Serv-U's ODBC database support allows administrators to configure their Serv-U installation to authenticate users against a SQL database such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, or PostgreSQL. In the case that the SQL server goes offline, users and groups configured in the database will not be accessible for the time that the SQL server is offline.

When the SQL server goes offline, Serv-U will detect the failure via ODBC and begin a 5 minute countdown. After 5 minutes, Serv-U will try to re-establish the ODBC connection - if the connection succeeds, ODBC users will be able to authenticate again. If the connection fails, Serv-U will wait another 5 minutes and try again.

This method prevents Serv-U from overwhelming Windows or the SQL database with excessive reconnect attempts, and still ensures that after the SQL failure Serv-U will be able to reconnect to the server. This process can be accelerated by manually stopping and starting the Serv-U Service.