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Configure SFTP using Serv-U and FTP Voyager Secure  -  KB Article #2037

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Configuring SFTP with Serv-U and FTP Voyager Secure

Serv-U MFT Server supports SFTP or FTP over SSH2. The following is a describes the steps necessary to make a SFTP connection between FTP Voyager Secure and Serv-U.

Serv-U supports OpenSSH keys. The key pair should be generated on the client, but Serv-U does include the utility to do so.

Create a site profile in FTP Voyager Secure.

  • Start FTP Voyager Secure in the Advanced Mode. (Make sure Simple Mode is unchecked from the View menu.)
  • Create a new site from the FTP Site Profile Manager.
  • Click on the "Advanced..." button.
  • Select the "Security" category.

    SSH Advanced Menu

  • Select "SFTP Using SSH2 (Secure Shell) on port 22 from the drop-down and click OK.
  • Cancel out of the Site Profile Manager.

SSH Options

  • Select View > "Options..." from the menu.
  • Select the SSH Options category.

    SSH Options

  • Check the "Use public key authentication" box.
  • Uncheck the "Use password authentication" box.
  • Click "Create New Key Pair Files..." button.

Create SSH Key Pair Files

    SSH Key Gen

  • Select "Key Type".
  • Select "Key Length".
  • Enter password. (Optional)
  • Specify destination path for both keys.
  • Specify "Public Key File Format" as OpenSSH. (Serv-U does not support PuTTY keys.)
  • Click "Create Files".

Now you should have two keys in the specified folder. There should be a file that ends in .key and a file that ends in .pub. Copy the file that ends in .pub to the Serv-U server.

SSH Listener

Check to make sure that Serv-U has a "SFTP using SSH" listener configured on port 22 from the Domain Details | Listeners menu.

SSH Limits

Serv-U SSH Authentication Type

In order to achieve a successful connection, the client needs to send the authentication type that Serv-U is expecting to receive. We prepped FTP Voyager by unchecking "Use password authentication" right before the SSH key was generated. We now need to tell Serv-U what type of authentication to expect. This can be done in four different places within Serv-U. We can configure the authentication type at the Server, Domain, Group, or User level. In this example, we will configure the Domain.

SSH Limits

SSH Public Key Path

Once the Public Key is transferred to the server, the path needs to be specified within the User Properties section.

SSH Key Path

Once this is accomplished, the user will be able to connect using SFTP.