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Running Serv-U On A Headless Server  -  KB Article #2038

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In some cases it is possible for Serv-U to be installed on a "Headless" server - that is, a server that has no graphical interface to speak of. Windows Server 2008 Core is this type of environment - since it does not include Internet Explorer, it is not possible to administer Serv-U on a Server 2008 core server locally. To administer Serv-U on this type of server, it is necessary to first import a basic configuration that will allow you to utilize the Remote Administration feature of Serv-U so that you can connect from a different machine for administration, using any supported browser.

To do this, you must:

  1. Install Serv-U on the headless server
  2. Stop the Serv-U service by using 'NET STOP "Serv-U File Server"' at the command line
  3. Export the following ZIP file into C:\ProgramData\\Serv-U:
  4. Start Serv-U using 'NET START "Serv-U File Server"' at the command line
  5. Connect to Serv-U using http://serveripaddress from a different machine, at which point you will see the Serv-U login page
  6. Use the username "admin" and the password "x" to log into Serv-U's Remote Administration
  7. IMMEDIATELY change the username and password to your desired credentials

Once done, Serv-U can now be administered while installed on a headless server or a server without a GUI.