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Extracting Certificates From PFX Files  -  KB Article #2041

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In some cases, some Certificate Authorities may issue certificates that bind the certificate and private key into one file. In order to use this certificate in Serv-U, the certificate and private key must be extracted into separate files and then used, via the directions below:

  • Open the IIS certificate manager
  • Export the certificate to a PFX file (make sure strong encryption is not selected when exporting).
  • Install OpenSSL on your server (from
  • In the Windows command-line, navigate to the directory where OpenSSL has been installed:
  • Run the following commands:
    • openssl pkcs12 -in .pfx -clcerts -nokeys -out .crt
    • openssl pkcs12 -in .pfx -nocerts -out .key
  • Using the .crt and .key files generated above, install the certificate into Serv-U