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Launching FTP Voyager JV with HTTPS Fails To Start With Java 7  -  KB Article #2043

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There have been some instances where FTP Voyager JV will fail to start after upgrading your Java Runtime Environment to Java 7 (1.7). This only happens under a secure (HTTPS) connection to the Serv-U File Server.

The steps outlined below are the basic procedures involved when FTP Voyager JV is launched. This is important in order to understand what's going on during the launch phase of a Java application that is distributed across a network.

  • Establish a secure HTTPS connection to the Serv-U File Server and attempt to launch FTP Voyager JV.
    Launch FTP Voyager JV (HTTPS)
  • If the server's web site certificate has not been stored, a certificate confirmation (from the JRE) will be displayed to confirm that you would like to continue accepting connections from this server.
    Java Security Certificate Confirmation
  • If the server's certificate is accepted, the Java Runtime will download the required resources to launch FTP Voyager JV.
    Java Download Resources


Java 7 has introduced a bug to the downloading of the resources dialog. This is directly tied to the security certificate confirmation dialog that is shown before it. If the downloading of resources dialog is shown while the security certificate confirmation dialog is shown, then the bug will occur. The image below outlines this problem. The dialogs are highlighted in green and labeled with letters: (a) is the security confirmation dialog, (b) is the downloading of resources dialog. You may not notice that both dialogs are on-screen at the same time, due to one being drawn on top of the other. You can verify this by checking the task bar for the open windows.

Java Hang Occurs Here
If the state above occurs, you can still accept the certificate (1) and then "Cancel" the other dialog (2). This will produce an error dialog like the one shown below.
Java Error


Oracle has been notified of this bug and it can be found here: Oracle Bug Report.

Below is a list of work-arounds for this issue:

  • Recommended: When the Java security certificate confirmation dialog is displayed, check the "Always trust content from this publisher" checkbox and hit the "Yes" button. This inserts the certificate into the Java Runtime Environment's certificate store which will prevent the confirmation dialog from being displayed again. Now you may relaunch FTP Voyager JV.
  • Dismiss the security certificate confirmation dialog before the downloading of the resources dialog is shown. This prevents the dialogs from interfering with each other.

If you require further assistance, you may contact the Technical Support Team for more help.