Installing Serv-U File Server for Windows

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Installing Serv-U File Server for Windows  -  KB Article #2058

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Downloading Serv-U

Evaluators: Download the latest version from our public download page.

Existing Customers: Sign on to the Customer Service Center to download your software and Registration IDs.

(Our Windows installation package includes software for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.)

Installing Serv-U

Step 1: Execute the installation package.

  • Either double-click the installer or run it from a command line.
  • Watch for the option to launch the Serv-U service during the installation and make sure it is checked.

Step 2: After installation, run the Serv-U Management Console to set up domains, listeners (e.g., FTP) and users. (See below.)

Launching the Serv-U Management Console

  • Right-click on the Serv-U tray application in the system tray and select "Start Management Console" or simply double click on the tray icon.

Tasks to Perform in the Serv-U Management Console

When you launch the Serv-U Management Console for the first time on an empty system you will be prompted to set up a domain, some listeners (e.g., FTP) and your first user.

You should also consider adding your own administrator account, disabling the default administrator and deleting the "Admin Domain".

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