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MegaUpload Alternative  -  KB Article #2059

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If you used MegaUpload to share legitimate files with colleagues, partners and employees you can switch to your own cloud-based Serv-U system to share your files for less than $300.

Step 1: Get an Amazon "Micro EC2" operating system instance. Amazon allows you to host a free Windows Server or Linux "Micro" instance completely free for up to one year, and typically for less than $25/month after that.

Step 2: Install Serv-U MFT Server on your Windows or Linux instance.

Step 3: Set up the "anonymous" user on Serv-U.

Step 4: Upload the files you want to share from FTP Voyager, another FTP client, your web browser or selected mobile devices (e.g., Android or Kindle Fire).

Step 5: Your colleagues, partners and employees can now download and read the files you shared from their web browsers or mobile devices (including iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Kindle Fire).

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