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FTP Thumbnail Support (Also SFTP and FTPS) in FTP Voyager  -  KB Article #2098

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Like Windows Explorer, FTP Voyager supports multiple directory listing formats, including several that display image thumbnails.

To switch the format of any directory listing, whether local or remote, select the orange "View As" drop-down above the related directory listing and select a new listing format.

The "Tiles," "Extra Large Icons", "Large Icons" and "Medium Icons" options will display image thumbnails. The "Small Icons", "List" and "Details" options will not. (Windows file listings may not display local thumbnails if Windows Explorer's "Always show icons, never thumbnails" option is checked under "Tools | Folder Options | View.")

Older Versions (FTP Voyager and Previous Versions)

In older versions, click the "Views" icon above either the local and remote view to switch to the "Thumbnails" view.

THMB Command Support

FTP Voyager supports the use of the THMB command to view a small thumbnail of an image without downloading the entire image. (The thumbnail is generated server-side.) Our Serv-U FTP Server and some other FTP and FTPS servers support this command; it is not supported by SFTP servers.

When the THMB command is not available via FTP or FTPS, and when SFTP is in use, FTP Voyager will download each file to create image thumbnails. Note that this behavior increases bandwidth usage and may inflate server-side file download statistics.

Controlling FTP Voyager Thumbnail Behavior

You may control whether or not thumbnails should be generated, and you may specify the maximum size of a file to download for the purpose of generating thumbnails. (If an image file exceeds the maximum size, only the icon is shown). Both options can be found under "Options | User Interface | Remote File Browser."

The "Show Thumbnails" settings configures whether to:

  • Always show thumbnails (the default; see note about Windows Explorer above)
  • Never show thumbnails
  • Only show thumbnails if the THMB command is supported

The "Max. File Size (MB)" setting controls the maximum file size to download (if THMB is not supported). The default value is 1 MB - about the size but frequently smaller than many digital photos.