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Security of Serv-U to Serv-U Gateway Connection  -  KB Article #2107

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Serv-U connects to Serv-U Gateway using multiple connections to send configuration data, listen for new connections, and transfer files. The purpose and timing of these connections is discussed in the Serv-U Distributed Architecture Guide. This article discusses the security of these connections.

Long story short, Serv-U to Serv-U Gateway connections are encrypted as long as the related listener's protocol is a secure protocol (i.e., FTPS, SFTP, or HTTPS).

Gateway Control Channel

The connections Serv-U uses to control and monitor Serv-U Gateway are implemented as proprietary TCP/IP connections.

Gateway Data Channel

All data connections used between Serv-U and Serv-U Gateway use the same protection mechanism as the related listener on Serv-U Gateway. This means that the Serv-U to Serv-U Gateway connections that handle FTPS and HTTPS connections are protected by SSL/TLS, connections that handle SFTP are protected by SSH, and connections that handle FTP and HTTP are in clear text. Furthermore, the same certificate key lengths and negotiated bit strength apply to the Serv-U to Serv-U Gateway connections.