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Serv-U MFT Server - New Features

We typically publish a major release once a year, with minor releases and hotfixes available as the year progresses.

Complete details about every change can be found in our release notes, but several recent milestones are covered below.

Intuitive Management & Administration Console (Version 15.1)

Intuitive Management & Administration Console (Version 15.1)

New and improved management console for easier administration and file transfer configuration
New Domain Setup Wizard

New Domain Setup Wizard (Version 15.1)

The new domain setup wizard lets you easily set up new domains on the server within a few clicks.
Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing (Version 15)

Let end-users send files to and request files from anyone with an email address. All access is Web-based, secured with HTTPS, and leverages your existing security policy, monitoring, and infrastructure.
Updated Web Client Interface

Updated Web Client Interface (Version 15)

Our revamped Web Client interface makes it even easier for end-users to securely upload, download, and manage their files from anywhere with Serv-U.
Windows Event Log

Windows Event Log (Version 14)

Write Serv-U activity into the Windows Application Event Log for IT administrators, auditors and third-party monitoring applications.
FTP Voyager JV Enhancements

FTP Voyager JV Enhancements (Version 14)

Faster transfers (up to 9 simultaneously) plus easier folder synchronization, folder navigation locks and customization controls.
High-Security Reverse Proxy

High-Security Reverse Proxy (Version 12)

Meet PCI DSS and similar regulations with Serv-U Gateway. Prevent data at rest in the DMZ and avoid connections into your internal network.
iPad Management Console

iPad Management Console (Version 12)

Leave the office for lunch again! The complete Serv-U management console is now supported on your iPad.
Clustered Deployment for High Availability

Clustered Deployment for High Availability (Version 12)

Cluster Serv-U and/or Serv-U Gateway. Purchase additional licenses to upgrade a standalone system and for redundancy or additional capacity.
Serv-U for Linux

Serv-U for Linux (Version 11)

Serv-U and Serv-U Gateway now both run as native, 64-bit applications on Linux or Windows.
Transfer Large or Multiple Files from Web Client

Transfer Large or Multiple Files from Web Client (Version 11)

Our optional "Web Client Pro" plug-in lets people transfer large or multiple files using their web browser.