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10-06-2003 - FTP Voyager to Maintain Your Website


This is our initial RhinoSoft newsletter. You are getting this newsletter because you signed up on our web site. If you would like to stop receiving these newsletters, please visit:

The intent of this newsletter is to give you some pointers on each of our products. This newsletter will focus on some quick tips to using FTP Voyager.

Using FTP Voyager to Maintain Your Website:

When maintaining or creating a web site most people work with a copy of their web site on their hard drive. When ready to release the web site, they upload the web site content to the server hosting it. Here are the steps I use when using FTP Voyager on my personal web sites:

1) Create a site profile for the site, entering the FTP Site or IP address, user ID, password, and default directory. Some servers have a "www" directory where the web site is stored.

2) In the site profile manager, select "Advanced | Local Folders" and enter the "Local Folder" location where the web site is stored on my computer.

3) In the same "Advanced | Local Folders" dialog enable our Patent Pending "Folder Locking" feature. This great feature saves many clicks by changing directories automatically when either the local or remote folder is changed. It's a huge time saver.

4) Connect to the site. The current directory should be the same as the default directory entered for the site profile. It should be the location where the server stores your web site. If not, navigate to the correct directory, right mouse click in the remote list (right pane) then select "Set Default Directory".

5) Now, the biggest time saver of all, select "Tools | Synchronize Folders" (Ctrl+Y). After navigating through directories on the server, the "Synchronize Folders" dialog appears. To upload the web site, select the "Synchronize" button under the "Remote Folder" group. The web site will begin uploading. When it is complete, the server will have a matching copy of your web site.

6) To maintain the web site, make changes on the hard drive, connect to the server when ready, then use "Tools | Synchronize Folders" as shown in the step above. Only the files that have changed will be uploaded to the server.

After the initial setup, maintaining a web site is a three click process:

a) Connect to the server.
b) Select Synchronize Folders.
c) Select the Synchronize button in the Synchronize Folders dialog.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first newsletter, we'll have more to come in the upcoming months. If you need additional help please use the following:


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