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FTP Voyager 11.2, Serv-U 5.2, FtpTree 11.2, and Zaep 3.1 Released

September 8, 2004

FTP Voyager 11.2, Serv-U 5.2, FtpTree 11.2, and Zaep 3.1 Released

(Helenville, Wisconsin)-New versions of FTP Voyager, Serv-U, FtpTree ActiveX, and Zaep were released by today. These new versions add new features in addition to corrections. Current license owners of FTP Voyager, Serv-U, and Zaep should visit the web site to download their FREE upgrade.

"Continuing with the philosophy of improving our software using our customer's requests," said Mark P. Peterson, Vice President of, "we have released 4 new updates today. Each release contains various improvements that provide the flexibility and features requested by our customer base to maintain our software's status as a complete solution to their needs. In addition, the FtpTree ActiveX SDK has been completely repackaged using a new installer program and new online reference documentation to assist developers in using our technology to create their own custom solutions."

Complete FTP Voyager release notes are available here.
Complete Serv-U release notes are available here.
Complete Zaep release notes are available here.
More information on FtpTree is available here.

About Serv-U

Serv-U is the industry's most popular FTP server offering unparalleled security without all of the hassle. It's easy-to-use interface puts the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. Serv-U is fully compliant with the latest FTP standard guaranteeing a minimum of problems for your users when they connect to your server. Serv-U is available for a 30-day evaluation download. Serv-U is also available in four editions to meet your needs for the best price. For more information, visit

About FTP Voyager

FTP Voyager is an excellent solution for Web publishers or anyone that transfers files on the Internet. Its familiar interface makes it easy to use for FTP novices. FTP Voyager's advanced features, such as folder synchronization, server-to-server transfers, scheduler, transfer resume, and patent pending folder locking, make it the FTP Client of choice for experienced and novice users alike. FTP Voyager is available in electronic format with prices starting at $39.95 USD from the FTP Voyager Web site at

About Zaep

Zaep is a challenge-response based anti-spam system that prevents unsolicited email messages from reaching your inbox by verifying the sender's email address. With advanced white list and black list controls, Zaep is easily configured to accept messages from trusted sources. Zaep features advanced configuration options that let you tailor its operation and appearance to others to be as personal or professional as you like.

About FtpTree ActiveX

FtpTree ActiveX Control is a programming tool that gives your users easy intuitive access to your FTP sites from a web page, or it can be used to help them navigate through your site. In addition, the FtpTree ActiveX Control can be used with Visual Basic, Visual C++, VBA, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or any other OLE Container. FtpTree is the tree control used in FTP Voyager, it's the left hand remote pane.