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New FTP Voyager® Software Development Kit Now Available

November 2, 2005

New FTP Voyager® Software Development Kit Now Available Along With FTP Voyager®, Serv-U, Zaep, and AllegroSurf® Releases

(Helenville, Wisconsin) - announced today the release of the FTP Voyager Software Development Kit and maintenance releases for FTP Voyager, Serv-U, AllegroSurf, and Zaep. The FTP Voyager Software Development Kit (SDK) replaces the FtpTree ActiveX Control in the company's product offering.

The FTP Voyager SDK allows developers to power their FTP file transfer functionality with the same engine that FTP Voyager is built around. Integrating this functionality in to a developer's own products and custom software solutions allows for more time to be spent developing the product's core functionality and interface while relying on FTP Voyager to provide fast, secure, and reliable data transfers. By exposing some of FTP Voyager's most advanced features through the SDK, developers are also able to integrate support for features such as folder synchronization and FTP file searches through just a single API function.

"The FTP Voyager SDK is a substantial improvement over the FtpTree ActiveX Control. Although FtpTree is a component of the FTP Voyager SDK, the new API (application program interface) is much simpler and comprehensive", said Mark P. Peterson, Vice President of "We focused on providing the same powerful functionality as that found in FTP Voyager itself, while at the same time including many samples and very thorough documentation."

The FTP Voyager, Serv-U, Zaep, and AllegroSurf releases are all maintenance releases addressing customer issues found since the last release. Complete details on each of these releases can be found at the following sites:


About FTP Voyager® Software Development Kit
FTP Voyager Software Development Kit allows programmers to power an application's FTP capabilities with same engine used in the FTP Voyager client. The SDK exposes FTP Voyager's FTP capabilities through a thoroughly documented and easy to integrate DLL. This flexible interface gives programmers the ability to use the SDK in existing applications with a minimal amount of effort. The FTP Voyager SDK is available in electronic format with prices starting at $999.95 USD from the FTP Voyager SDK Web site at

About FTP Voyager®
FTP Voyager is an excellent solution for Web publishers or anyone that transfers files on the Internet. Its familiar interface makes it easy to use for FTP novices. FTP Voyager's advanced features, such as folder synchronization, server-to-server transfers, scheduler, and transfer resume, patent pending folder locking, make it the FTP Client of choice for experienced and novice users alike. FTP Voyager is available in electronic format with prices starting at $39.95 USD from the FTP Voyager Web site at

About Serv-U
Serv-U is the industry's most popular FTP server offering unparalleled security without all of the hassle. It's easy-to-use interface puts the most up-to-date information at your fingertips. Serv-U is fully compliant with the latest FTP standards guaranteeing a minimum of problems for your users when they connect to your server. Serv-U is available for a 30-day evaluation download. Serv-U is also available in four editions to meet your needs for the best price. For more information, visit

About Zaep
Zaep is a challenge-response based anti-spam system that prevents unsolicited email messages from reaching your inbox by verifying the sender's email address. With advanced white list and black list controls, Zaep is easily configured to accept messages from trusted sources. Zaep features advanced configuration options that let you tailor its operation and appearance to others to be as personal or professional as you like. Zaep is available in electronic format with prices starting at $39.95 USD from the Zaep Web site

About AllegroSurf®
AllegroSurf gives you control over the Internet by allowing you to share an Internet connection across your network while dictating the content it provides and giving you the tools you need to monitor and streamline the connection. With advanced filtering techniques, AllegroSurf eliminates the distractions of a web page giving you quicker access to the information you require. Its advanced user management and reporting gives you quick, easy-to-read graphs and statistics that help you manage the bottom-line of your Internet connection. Increase productivity, performance, and protect your family and business with AllegroSurf. For more information, visit

About, founded in 1996 and based in Helenville, Wisconsin, is an Internet software development company that develops and distributes the popular FTP Voyager® FTP client, Serv-U FTP server, AllegroSurf® proxy server, Zaep AntiSpam, DNS4Me Dynamic DNS service, and the FTP Voyager® Software development Kit.
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