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Feature Rich Serv-U 9.0 and FTP Voyager 15.2 Released!

September 29, 2009

(Helenville, Wisconsin) - is pleased to announce that a new release of the Serv-U File Server and FTP Voyager has been made available to the general public today. The Serv-U 9.0 release features UNICODE support, security enhancements, user management improvements, FTP Voyager JV Synchronize Folders and search, Web Client enhancements, and much more. FTP Voyager improvements include support for 64-bit Windows drag and drop, multiple monitor support, and miscellaneous enhancements. Specifics highlights of this release include:

Serv-U 9.0

  • FULL UNICODE support; supporting file paths, user names, and passwords in any language supported by Windows.
  • FIPS 140-2 support for OpenSSL. SSL and SSH (FTPS, HTTPS, and SFTP) encryption is FIPS 140-2 certified through OpenSSL (Certificate #1051).
  • SSH public key authentication support.
  • Integration DLL API support for software developers to write DLLs to integrate into Serv-U.
  • Windows Authentication for Directory Access rules to eliminate Windows Service network share issues.
  • New user email event used to automatically deliver login information to end-users.
  • Automatic password recovery from the Web Client login page.
  • Email enhancements including the addition of BCC addresses, group emailings, multiple recipients, secure servers, and email retries (helps with gray listing SMTP servers).
  • Log options to purge old log files automatically.
  • Ability to import and export users to and from CSV files.
  • Database (ODBC) enhancements for tables that do not apply.
  • Optional navigation tree in the Management Console.
  • Automatically generated random passwords to help with user management.
  • Windows Vista / 7 style bread crumb navigation bar in the Web Client.
  • Forward and Back navigation buttons and history menu in the Web Client.
  • Natural sorting is used for all lists and directory listings.
  • Much more...

FTP Voyager JV 9.0:

  • Synchronize Folders to mirror folders locally with those on the server, or vice versa.
  • File search using exact file name or wild card searches.
  • Creation of automatic login file for one click access to a server using FTP Voyager JV.
  • Natural sorting is used for file and directory lists.
  • Much more...

FTP Voyager 15.2:

  • Drag and drop support for 64-bit Windows.
  • Multiple monitor support.
  • Much more...

Serv-U's enhancements are focused on three areas: international access, security, and user management enhancements. Serv-U's new UNICODE support allows Serv-U to support all known global character sets within one installation and independent from the user interface languages supported by Serv-U. For example, on the same server running the same copy of Serv-U, Japanese users may upload files with Japanese file names while Russian end-users may upload files with Russian file names. At the same time a Chinese administrator may maintain user accounts in Simplified Chinese. Serv-U's international changes and regional language support (both for administration and client-side) make Serv-U a truly global file server solution.

Serv-U's security enhancements give Serv-U customers even stronger assurance that their data is protected. With Serv-U 9.0, we've added SSH public key authentication - one of the most secure forms of authentication - and we've added FIPS 140-2 support via OpenSSL. While running in FIPS 140-2 mode, Serv-U eliminates the use of all less-secure forms of encryption.

Finally, Serv-U enhances user management by adding events for new user creation, automatic random password generation, end-user password recovery, and single-click administrator password recovery. User accounts can be created with just a couple clicks, and login information is automatically delivered to the end-user. In addition, Serv-U adds end-user password recovery, eliminating the problem most network administrators have with their end-users and their lost passwords. For complete Serv-U release notes visit:

About Serv-U® File Server

The Serv-U File Server is the industry's premier file server product, meeting the needs of everyone from small business to government institutions both domestically and worldwide through a vast network of dedicated resellers. Originally developed in 1995, Serv-U has become an industry powerhouse known for security, scalability, and an administration experience focused on simplified management.

About FTP Voyager®

FTP Voyager is an excellent solution for Web publishers or anyone that transfers files on the Internet. Its familiar interface makes it easy to use for FTP novices. FTP Voyager's advanced features, such as folder synchronization, server-to-server transfers, scheduler, transfer resume, and folder locking make it the FTP Client of choice for experienced and novice users alike.

About helps companies and individuals leverage the power of the Internet through flexible, powerful file sharing and networking applications. Their premier software titles, the Serv-U® File Server and FTP Voyager®, are known as a powerful file-sharing combination with unparalleled security and reliability. Based out of Helenville, Wisconsin, has been helping businesses efficiently achieve their file sharing goals for over 13 years. For more information, visit

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