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Serv-U 11.0 and FTP Voyager JV 11.0 Released!

September 6, 2011

(Helenville, Wisconsin) - RhinoSoft is pleased to announce that a new release of the Serv-U File Server has been made available to the general public today. The Serv-U 11.0 release features native Linux 32-bit and 64-bit support, custom HTML login page, simultaneous file transfers in the Web Client, and much more. Specific highlights of this release include:

Serv-U 11.0:

  • Serv-U runs natively on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Customization of the server or domain's login page.
  • New "Web Client Pro" to perform simultaneous transfers.
  • End-user email address management features.
  • New user-management events and event templates.
  • Support for AES128-CTR, AES192-CTR, AES256-CTR encryption algorithms in the SSH2 protocol.
  • FTP "COMB" command used to combine two or more files together.
  • Added the ability to maintain user and group statistics between Serv-U restarts.
  • Added the ability for non-Apple mobile devices to download and upload files using the Mobile Web Client.
  • Much more...

FTP Voyager JV 11.0:

  • Added additional search filters to FTP Voyager JV.
  • End-user email address management features.
  • Much more...

Serv-U's enhancements are focused primarily on three areas: Serv-U Linux, HTTP customization, and a more powerful Web Client. Linux powers a very large number of Internet servers today. Serv-U 11.0 now runs natively on Linux 32-bit and 64-bit platforms allowing customers to standardize their file transfer servers on both Linux and Windows.

Serv-U's built-in Web Client allows customers to support their end-users without installing any client-side software by allowing end-users to connect using their web browser. For corporate customers that prefer using their hard-earned corporate identities, a Serv-U branded login page may not always be appropriate. Serv-U 11.0 introduces the ability to create customized browser login pages using today's HTML technologies. To assist customers in their customizations, several sample custom HTML templates are included with the Serv-U distribution.

Serv-U's Web Client running in end-users' browsers previously only allowed a single file transfer at a time. Serv-U 11.0 introduces Web Client Pro that allows end-users to transfer multiple files simultaneously, and perform lengthy operations, all while continuing to browse the server from within their web browser.

About Serv-U™ File Server

The Serv-U File Server is the industry's premier file server product, meeting the needs of everyone from small business to government institutions both domestically and worldwide through a vast network of dedicated resellers. Originally released in 1995, Serv-U has become an industry powerhouse known for security, scalability, and an administration experience focused on simplified management.

About RhinoSoft

RhinoSoft helps companies and individuals leverage the power of the Internet through flexible, powerful file sharing and networking applications. Their premier software titles, the Serv-U® File Server and FTP Voyager®, are known as a powerful file-sharing combination with unparalleled security and reliability. Based out of Helenville, Wisconsin, has been helping businesses efficiently achieve their file sharing goals for over 13 years. For more information, visit

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