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Serv-U FTP & MFT Server Pricing

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Users and Domains 250 and 3 unlimited
Web and Mobile Client (HTTP)
Secure Web Client (HTTPS)  
Secure File Sharing ("Ad Hoc" File Transfer)  
Web and iPad® Administration  
Events and Notifications  
Active Directory® or LDAP Authentication  
Branding, DB Integration and HA  
FTP Voyager JV  
Module: Serv-U Gateway (available) (available)
Support email email + phone
Serv-U w/ 1yr of support/updates $495.00 $2,995.00
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Learn More About Upgrade Protection

What is Upgrade Protection?

1 Year Upgrade Protection:

This means updates can be downloaded for free within one year of original purchase. This option is the default option.

2 Years Upgrade Protection:

This means updates can be downloaded for free within two years of purchase. If you would like to purchase this option please be sure to check the "2 Year Upgrade Protection" box.

The software itself never expires. Just the ability to update expires.

Premium Support

Premium support provides near real-time access to RhinoSoft technicians during business hours.

Companies that use Serv-U in mission-critical environments or maintain large deployments of
FTP Voyager should have a Premium support contract.

Standard Support
Premium Support
Email Support Response
24-48 hours,
general queue
2-4 hours,
priority queue
Phone Support Incidents
5 per year

Premium Support Fees

Premium support fees are assessed to each customer based on the brands they own, regardless of number of licenses, modules or editions.

FTP Voyager
FTP Voyager and Serv-U
One Year
Two Years

*For example, a customer with one copy of Serv-U Silver would pay $699.95 for one year of Premium support. A different customer with 6 copies of Serv-U Gold and 3 copies of Serv-U Bronze would also pay just $699.95 for one year of Premium support.

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