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Serv-U MFT Server Release Notes

Major Serv-U FTP server changes are also summarized on our Recent Features page. To update your software or start your FTP server evaluation, visit our Download page.

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Serv-U Version

Serv-U was released November 4, 2014. A complete list of changes and upgrades follows:

  • Updated OpenSSL libraries from 0.9.8x to 0.9.8zb.
  • Disabled SSLv3 and SSLv2 by default.
  • Added the ability to view the fingerprint for the server or domain SSH private key.
  • Added additional HTTP response headers to mitigate warnings from security scanning software.
  • Added the ability for admins to restrict the file sharing source of outgoing file shares (e.g., sending files from this local machine or from Serv-U).
  • Added the ability for the file share owner to recognize when the file share has expired from the file share's detailed page.
  • Added the ability to log the source IP address at the user or group level when a user logs into Serv-U.
  • Removed the support link from the Management Console and Java clients.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where Gateway did not bind to the proper port according to RFC specification when initiating outbound connections for FTP data transfers.
  • Fixed a bug where the Accept-Public-IP-CIDRs.txt file was overwritten by the installer each time Gateway was updated.
  • Fixed a bug where session macro strings (i.e., $IP) did not properly resolve for events involving password and email address changes.
  • Fixed a bug where leading or trailing whitespace on an IP access rule containing an IP address could cause Serv-U to incorrectly interpret the rule as an IP name instead of address.
  • Fixed a bug where data would fail to be written to the ODBC database if a particular table's column string length was exceeded.
  • Fixed a bug where SSH public keys would fail to be exported when using the export feature.
  • Fixed a bug where SSH public keys would not expand server-wide macros (e.g., %DOMAIN_HOME%/path/to/
  • Fixed a bug where special symbols could not be entered for file sharing passwords (i.e., '#' and '%').
  • Fixed a bug where the file sharing wizard's "Generate Email" link would fail to resolve all server variables that were defined in the email body.
  • Fixed a bug where the file sharing password could not be changed if no recipients were defined for the share.
  • Fixed a bug in FTP Voyager JV and Web Client Pro where upload events would be fired when uploading files greater than 2GB.
  • Fixed a bug in FTP Voyager JV where the "Libraries" folder would fail to list its contents (starting in Windows Vista and up).
  • Fixed a bug in FTP Voyager JV where the focus would get lost when switching between frames causing keyboard shortcuts to fail.
  • Fixed a bug where Web Client Pro would fail to launch with the new release of the Java Runtime Environment.
  • Fixed a bug in Web Client Pro where slow connections could cause the browser to abandon the launching of Web Client Pro.
  • Fixed a bug where SSH public keys specified at the group level were not applied to members of the group.

Serv-U Version

Serv-U was released February 19, 2014. A complete list of changes and upgrades follows:

  • Added a dialog that informs Web Client Pro users about the options they have if they use JVMs older than version 7u51.
  • Improved support for Internet Explorer.
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected a bug when wildcards were not working correctly on Linux while doing a directory listing in FTP.
  • Corrected a bug where SDK did not integrate calls from other threads into the application.
  • Corrected a bug where file sharing did not work correctly on 32-bit Linux systems.
  • Corrected a bug where the HTTP limits were not displayed while configuring limits at the group and user levels.
  • Corrected a bug where SFTP key renegotiation failed when zlib compression was used.
  • Corrected a bug where the setting that allows users to change their password did not work correctly.
  • Corrected a bug where the auto-disabling database users were continuously expired during displaying ODBC users in Management console.
  • Corrected a security issue that allowed for a Denial of Service attack, which could make Serv-U unresponsive.
  • Corrected a Web Client Pro and FTP voyager JV issue where these Java applications would fail to launch correctly when the Oracle Java Runtime was updated to Java 7 Update 51.
  • Corrected an issue where HTTPS connections may fail to close after all data has been transferred. Affected installs of Serv-U would demonstrate degraded Management Console performance or errors. This most commonly occurred on Linux deployments with a single core processor.
  • Corrected an SFTP (via SSH2) bug, introduced in Serv-U, where each connected session caused Serv-U to consume an excessive amount of memory until the session was disconnected.
  • Corrected a Web Client bug where users configured with FTP Voyager JV as their default web client did not see the FTP Voyager JV landing page when accessing Serv-U from a new browser window when the browser still had an active session cached.

Serv-U Version

Serv-U was released August 20, 2013. A complete list of changes and upgrades follows:

Note: File Sharing is not supported within high availability environments.

  • Improved File Sharing feature that utilizes email initiated transfer of files.
  • Improved Web Client user interface.
  • Rebranded the company information from RhinoSoft to SolarWinds for Serv-U, Serv-U Gateway, FTP Voyager JV, and Web Client Pro.
  • Changed licensing information from RhinoSoft editions (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum editions) to SolarWinds editions (FTP server and MFT server editions).
  • Updated the FTP Voyager JV JIDE user interface library to version 3.5.5.
  • The full version number is now displayed in the version column of the "Programs and Features" / "Add/Remove Programs"screen on Windows.
  • Updated version number displayed during install to include more of the minor version.
Bug Fixes:
  • Corrected a security issue that allowed for possible SSL denial of service attacks.
  • Corrected a security issue when using "Require Fully Qualified Membership" LDAP login settings.
  • Corrected an issue with scrollbars missing in Mozilla Firefox browsers in the Management Console.
  • Corrected an issue with "User Login Failure" events when using SFTP Client Key Authentication.
  • Corrected an issue with the Serv-U Linux uninstall option not working.
  • Corrected a Web Client Pro issue after updating to Java 7 Update 21, making WCP unusable.
  • Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where the JIDE user interface library would fail to load on Macintosh operating systems.
  • Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where a large file could fail to upload when a slow speed limit is set within Serv-U. End-users can now manually set the duration of when the client-side timeout should occur.
  • Corrected an FTP Voyager JV bug where a local directory listing could take a long time to process due to UNC paths being specified as targets to Windows shortcuts (.lnk) files.
  • Corrected a Linux bug where the uninstall desktop shortcut used by certain desktop environments failed to work properly.
  • Corrected a Web Client Pro bug where the web page would fail to communicate with the applet when the Java Runtime was updated to Java 7 Update 21 or Java 6 Update 45.
  • Corrected an LDAP bug where users could not login using SFTP (via SSH2).
  • Corrected a Web Client bug where the "Recover Password" button was displayed along with the notice about JavaScript being disabled in the browser.
  • Corrected a Web Client bug where the link provided to login when attempting to access a restricted page prior to logging in was broken.

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