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Serv-U Administration: Total Control from Anywhere

Monitor and configure your Serv-U deployment from anywhere through our advanced web management console. No special applications are required to administrate your server and access is protected with highly secure HTTPS.

In addition to all major desktop browsers, we support web-based administration from the Apple iPad.

  • iPad AdminUse your iPad to configure and monitor Serv-U.
  • Basic DownloadServ-U provides almost all its administrative capabilities online.
  • Serv-U’s event-driven automation lets you run executables and scripts, send email or display custom messages in the tray.
  • Lists of users, groups and other important entities are all online. We provide
    friendly Wizards to guide casual administrators through common tasks.
  • Detailed information and controls are available for every current session.
  • Serv-U maintains a great deal of usage statistics on users, groups, entire domains and the server
    as a whole. Use this for billing, capacity planning or to find unusual access or transfer patterns.
  • All trace logs are viewable online to make remote troubleshooting easy.
  • Serv-U automatically checks for new versions. (You decide when to apply the update.)
  • Use the step-by-step Domain Creation Wizard to create new domains on the Serv-U MFT Server management console.
  • Serv-U MFT Servers provides automated file management allowing you to automatically move/delete
    files on the server within custom number of days.
  • Serv-U MFT Server offers several options for SSL/SSH encryption
    configuration. You can also choose to enable FIPS 140.2 mode.
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