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Web Transfers - Transfer Large File from Anywhere

Upload and download files from anywhere with Serv-U's innovative web transfer interfaces.

Serv-U includes an advanced "Web Client Pro" plug-in that allows people to transfer or delete multiple files at once and to upload very large files (>2GB). For people who want a rich FTP client experience, including visual folder comparisons, synchronization and two panes of local and remote files. For the power user looking for a more traditional FTP client, Serv-U MFT Server includes the web-based "FTP Voyager JV" plug-in.

  • Click to EnlargeTransfer files from anywhere with Serv-U FTP Server. An intuitive Web client
    interface allows you to perform drag-and-drop file transfer.
  • Basic DownloadThe basic web interface makes it easy for non-technical end users to upload or download files.
  • An optional thumbnail view allows you to preview large images without downloading each one.
  • A "slideshow" presentation (similar to "Windows Photo Viewer" in Windows) is also available in the basic web interface.
  • Drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer to quickly upload multiple files using “Web Client Pro”.
  • Web Client Pro lets you select and download multiple files or folders. Detailed transfer
    progress is shown in the Web Client Pro queue manager below.
  • Before overwriting files Web Client Pro lets you confirm your action
    using almost the same dialog used by Windows Explorer.
  • FTP Voyager JV provides the same rich, two-pane experience you expect from an
    FTP client, but requires no local installation because it is a web page plug-in.
  • FTP Voyager JV includes a synchronization utility to ensure you have the same files and directory structures in both places.
  • FTP Voyager JV lets you select and download multiple files or folders, regardless of size.
    Detailed transfer progress is shown in the queue manager below.
  • Serv-U MFT Servers allows you to custom brand the guest UI for your file transfer end-users
More Screenshots: Administration - Mobile - Secure File Sharing

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