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Serv-U in your Home

Serv-U Home Edition is an excellent solution for the home-based or even small business server. With HTTP protocol support, SSL secured communications, and the included Web Client, you can have your server up and running in no time at all.

Web Client

Serv-U Home Edition includes the Web Client, a simple file transfer client that works just like a regular Web page in your browser. Once users login, they're presented with a list of files and folders. The Web Client displays buttons for simple operations such as download, upload, delete, and rename.

The Web Client requires no prior knowledge of file transfer software to use and does not install any software. For more information, on how the Web Client works, click here.

Photo Sharing

Photo sharing can be a time consuming and complicated process. First, photos have to be transferred to the computer. Then they get uploaded to a photo sharing service. Then you have to setup an album and configure the slide show. Finally, you can send a link to your friends and family who may have to create their own account to access your photos.

With Serv-U, sharing your photos is as easy as transferring the photos to your computer and sending a link to your friends and family. You no longer need to waste valuable time uploading your files to a 3rd party service or sending large email attachments. Instead, you can create a user account specifically for sharing your photos. Set their home directory to your photo storage location's root folder. Once the photos are copied to your computer, they're already accessible to the user.

The Web Client includes a thumbnail view and slideshow mode to make viewing photos easier. Thumbnails are generated on-the-fly by the server so the entire image isn't transferred to the client before viewing. Slideshows are automatically created and allow users to view all photos in succession with a single click. No extra configuration is necessary for these features to be enjoyed by users.

SSL Security

Whether you're receiving sensitive corporate data from contractors or just sharing photos with your Aunt, privacy can be a concern. Serv-U Home Edition includes industry standard encryption support through SSL encrypted FTP and HTTP communications. Users connecting to your File Server through their Web browser or favorite FTP client can rest assured that their login information and communications are safe.