Event Driven Automation


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Use Serv-U events to send email, display tray icon messages, write Windows Event Log messages, or run the program or script of your choice. Events can be triggered by successful file transfers, file transfer failures, sign ons, server startup or dozens of other activities.

Events in Serv-U MFT Server allows you to:

  • Move files to other folders based on filename, file size or other attributes
  • "Trigger files" to kick off additional events
  • Invoke custom provisioning scripts when users are added or removed

Server Events

  • Server Start
  • Server Stop

Server and Domain Events

  • Domain Start
  • Domain Stop
  • Session Connection
  • Session Disconnect
  • Session Connection Failure

Server, Domain, User and Group Events

  • User Login
  • User Logout
  • User Login Failure
  • User Password Change
  • User Password Change Failure
  • User Enabled
  • User Disabled
  • User Deleted
  • IP Blocked
  • IP Blocked Time
  • Too Many Sessions
  • Too Many Session On IP
  • File Uploaded
  • File Upload Failed
  • File Download
  • File Download Failed
  • File Deleted
  • Directory Created
  • Directory Deleted
  • Directory Changed
  • Directory Moved
  • Over Quota
  • Over Disk Space

Serv-U Managed File Transfer

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