Full FTP Client Experience with FTP Voyager JV


Fully Functional for 14 Days

FTP Voyager JV is a web client that works with Serv-U MFT to provide the experience of an FTP client without the desktop installation.

FTP Client for Serv-U MFT Server

Included in your purchase of Serv-U MFT Server is Serv-U FTP Voyager JV, a robust and reliable file transfer client which requires no configuration, regardless of the operating system used (Windows®, Mac® OS X, Linux). A next-generation file transfer client, FTP Voyager JV leverages a web-based Java app to display traditional FTP client elements such as a side-by-side transfer window, a transfer queue, a preview pane, and thumbnails. FTP Voyager JV also supports folder synchronization via the web, using a preview for reliably accurate results.


Intuitive File Transfer Navigation

  • Familiar “side by side” transfer window
  • Drag and drop from your desktop
  • Thumbnails, preview panes and detailed list views

Powerful File Synchronization and Sharing Tools

  • Folder synchronization, with preview
  • Transfer queue with progress bars, pause, and resume
  • Transfers large files (>2GB ) with ease
  • Transfer multiple files or entire folder structures with one click

Easy-to-use FTP Client

  • No desktop software to install
  • Uses firewall-friendly HTTP or HTTPS (not FTP)
  • Configured and deployed from your Serv-U Server
  • Java applet runs on IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and more
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