Serv-U High Availability


Fully Functional for 14 Days

Serv-U supports "N+1" horizontal scaling to meet your high-availability ("HA") needs. Additional Serv-U FTP Server or Serv-U MFT Server licenses can be purchased to upgrade a standalone system to an active-active webfarm for additional redundancy, throughput or session capacity.

  • Serv-U can be clustered like a web farm for HA.
  • Serv-U Gateway can also be clustered for HA.
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Increases System Capacity

  • Up to five Serv-U servers supported in a single cluster
  • Up to three Serv-U Gateways supported in a single cluster
  • Support thousands of concurrent sessions
  • Linear increase in throughput capacity

Leverages Your Infrastructure

  • No processor or core limits
  • Native 64-bit applications maximize performance
  • Supports deployment on virtualized nodes (e.g., VMware vMotion)
  • Backed by Active Directory or the shared database of your choice
  • Backed by the shared storage of your choice
  • Fronted by the network load balancer of your choice

Serv-U Managed File Transfer

DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL Fully functional for 14 days
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