Serv-U Integration and Customization


Fully Functional for 14 Days

Serv-U FTP Server and Serv-U MFT Server can be integrated with third-party applications and shared databases. They can also be branded to blend in with your corporate web site, Intranet, partner portal, or other web-based resources.

  • Move files to other folders based on filename, file size or other attributes
  • "Trigger files" to kick off additional events
  • Invoke custom provisioning scripts when users are added or removed

Grant Control to 3rd Party Applications

  • Add, delete or modify users
  • Add, delete or modify groups
  • Add, delete or modify permissions and attributes
  • Examples provided for C#, VB.NET and PHP

Shell Out to 3rd Party Applications

  • Use events to invoke external applications and scripts
  • Pass parameters during invocation

Watch with Network Monitoring and SIEM

  • Parse Serv-U logs with SolarWinds or FTP/WatchDog
  • Collect and forward Serv-U's Windows Event Logs

Authenticate to Remote Sources

  • Active Directory domain controllers
  • Local Windows user stores
  • Remote databases
  • Custom applications (via custom DLL)

Customize Web Interface

  • Custom logo, colors, scheme and text
  • Apply your branding

Serv-U Managed File Transfer

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