Secure File Sharing


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Secure file sharing lets users send files to and request files from anyone. When deployed in your data center, Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server provides this popular “ad hoc” file transfer service to your end-users on your existing infrastructure, and under the control of your existing security policy. Secure file sharing is now easier with a host of advanced features like ability to share files that are already on the server and ability to control server-wide settings.

Secure File Sharing Benefits


Easy Enough for Anyone to Use

  • Anyone who can use email can send files and request files
  • Completely Web-based: no special clients or plug-ins required
  • Custom branding of Web interface for guest login
  • Easy-to-use domain set-up wizard for file sharing

Deploy in Your Datacenter

  • Leverages your existing infrastructure, security policy, procedures and personnel
  • Avoids dependence on remote third-party services or storage

Enjoy an Immediate ROI

  • No per-user, per-message or storage charges
  • Affordable and predictable license and maintenance pricing

Secure File Sharing Features


Ease of Use

  • Links clearly identify how to start sending or requesting files
  • Sending and requesting interfaces are similar: only one interface to learn
  • Message, expiration and password options are just that – optional
  • Uploads display a progress bar while uploading
  • Customizable email notifications clearly explain what to do next
  • Supports anonymous shares
  • Free form search in file shares on the server
  • Share files that are already on the server
  • Automated file management. You can move or delete files after a specified time interval

Security & Retention

  • Files automatically expire and are deleted after a configurable period of time
  • Optional passwords protect individual sets of shared or requested files
  • Automatic IP lockouts prevent brute-force attacks
  • HTTPS sessions use the SSL certificate (X.509) of your choice
  • Support for multiple (SSH/SFTP) keys per user
  • FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography is available

Deployment & Maintenance

  • Can be deployed in your datacenter, virtual machine, or private cloud
  • Installation and configuration takes minutes, not hours
  • May be connected to Active Directory to avoid hassle of end-user maintenance
  • May leverage existing NAS, DB, monitoring, firewall, and other IT infrastructure


  • File sharing “guests” are automatically provisioned (by email address)
  • End-users may request personal password reminders, and change their own
  • End-users have recent share history at their fingertips

Auditing & Monitoring

  • Sessions are displayed in real time, with options to kick or drill into active sessions
  • All activity may be written to disk for additional analysis
  • Email alerts and Windows® Event Logging may be configured with Serv-U events

Serv-U Managed File Transfer

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