Serv-U Web Client Pro

  1. Serv-U includes an advanced "Web Client Pro" plug-in that allows people to transfer or delete multiple files at once and to upload very large files (>2GB).

    The basic web client that ships with all editions of Serv-U is compatible with every major web browser supporting NPAPI interface, but it only allows you to upload, download or delete a single file at a time. Our optional Web Client Pro has none of these limitations.


  • Transfer large files (>2GB)
  • Upload or download multiple files
  • Download/upload entire folder trees
  • Drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer or other file manager
  • Confirmation before overwrite
  • Transfer queue to pause or resume active file transfers


  • Automatically deployed to web browsers through Serv-U
  • Deployed as a Java applet within each web browser
  • Can be turned on/off by user from within Serv-U's management console




Serv-U Managed File Transfer


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