Serv-U Gateway

A secure addition to Serv-U MFT Server and Serv-U FTP Server.

Starts at $995 per server


Fully functional for 14 days

Key Features

  • Security

    No data is ever stored in the DMZ. All incoming connections to the internal network are safely accepted without exposing sensitive systems.


  • High Availability

    Supports active-active N+1 horizontal scaling of Serv-U MFT Server.

  • Ease of Use

    Installation and configuration in under one hour with 100% GUI configuration, including availability of export configurations and building a stand-alone proof of concepts.

  • Compliance

    Helps meet PCI DSS and other high-security compliance standards.

  • Secure File Transfer in DMZ Networks

    Safely handles traffic without passing it to secure internal systems.

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  • Load Balancing

    Helps distribute incoming connections to different Serv-U MFT Server instances with the help of network load balancers.

Pricing and Licensing

Starts at $995 per server. Optional add on for Serv-U FTP and MFT.

Number of servers Price per server Total price of licenses
1 $995 $995

Already a Serv-U MFT or Serv-U FTP user? Login to the SolarWinds Customer Portal to purchase Serv-U Gateway or contact us for assistance.

System Requirements


1GHz processor (Dual-core recommended)

Hard Drive





10/100 Mbps NIC

Operating System

Visit the success center for a list of supported operating systems.


ODBC-compliant databases such as SQL Server®, Oracle® and MySQL® are optional

Supported Instances

Visit the Success Center to see a list of supported browsers and mobile devices.
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