Secure File Sharing with SolarWinds Serv-U MFT Server

Serv-U MFT Server

Secure FTP server software that provides comprehensive security, automation, and centralized control for file transfers across your organization

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Video Transcript

Are you worried that your end-users are sending sensitive data like customer lists, enrollment forms or financial records through third-party websites? Take control by deploying secure file sharing in your data center with SolarWinds Serv-U Managed File Transfer Server.

Sharing files with Serv-U is as easy as sending an email. Just enter the recipient's email address, add an optional message, expiration date or password,
and complete the share. Serv-U saves the files you selected and emails a web link to your recipients. Recipients then click on the link in the email, enter a password if needed, and download the file. As each file is downloaded, Serv-U logs it and emails you a receipt.

It's just as easy to request files from others, called "guests." Simply invite your guests by email address, include a note to confirm the files you want them to upload, and add an expiration date or password if needed. Next, Serv-U emails a file request link to your guests. Each guest selects the files you requested and uploads them through the file request link provided in the email. As each file is uploaded, Serv-U stores it and notifies you via email. To download files from your guests, click the link in your email notification or sign on to Serv-U.

Deploying Serv-U on your own infrastructure will ensure that files are never stored on 3rd party servers, and that you can apply your own security policy. Serv-U can be deployed on most Windows operating systems and several Linux distributions including native hardware or VMs. Integration with Active Directory saves you the hassle of provisioning end-users.

All access, including uploads and downloads, may be secured with HTTPS. Retention policy may also be configured on the same page. Serv-U File Sharing gives your end-users easy-to-use file sharing, under IT's control.

To see how easy it is to use in your own environment, download a free, full-featured trial of Serv-U today.


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